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We are super excited to announce support for integration on the Shippable platform! Many of you requested this and we agree, it's a great service. offers a wonderful user experience with detailed information about your images. And, of course, Shippable provides you multiple options to tag images generated via Shippable CI/CD, making it easy to trace those images from the registry back through all activities that occurred to build and validate them. While we were at it, we also added support to integrate any private registry on Shippable. 

This post will walk you through how to integrate your Shippable Account with and push and pull images through

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Recently, we announced significant enhancements to Shippable CI/CD, including a completely redesigned user experience and the ability to use custom images without the need for dedicated hosts. As a result of these announcements, we will be deprecating certain functionality as it exists in its current form on July 30th.

Details on the changes are as follows. Please note that each of the changes below will require action on your part to convert to the new method.

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This month, we spoke with David Grimes for our Employee Spotlight series. David is a computer science graduate from Eastern Washington University and has been with Shippable since January 2015. On his personal website, David says he chose a career as a software engineer to challenge himself by solving problems in a creative yet efficient fashion. Read on further to get to know more about David. 

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Shippable had a booth at the QCon conference in New York this year where I had the opportunity to reach out to people about our containerization process and DevOps philosophy. The East Coast megalopolis is an impressive display of human engineering. I've been there before but mostly only visited rural historic sites. This time I was in the busy downtown tech scene  ... and having a few adventures along the way. 

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Welcome to the great DevOps 2.0 debate! The topic under discussion is - WTF is Shippable calling themselves a DevOps 2.0 platform? WTF?

We love Twitterstorms as much as the next person. After all, who can forget the epic exchange between John Legere and The Donald? Or closer to home, the banter between Docker's @shykes and the Coreos folks? Everyone loves a good old-fashioned flame war.

Our announcement on Wednesday ruffled some feathers, albeit important ones. We said that our new product line, Shippable Formations, delivers what we are coining as a DevOps 2.0 platform. And then all hell broke loose. Even Patrick Deboisthe Father of DevOps, was confused and skeptical - 

Patrick's tweet about our DevOps 2.0 announcement 

There was a lot of this going around.

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