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Dedicated Hosts - putting 'custom' back in customers

Posted by Manisha Sahasrabudhe on October 20, 2014

Multi-tenant SaaS platforms are awesome, primarily due to lower costs and minimal setup and maintenance overhead. However, these advantages come at a price - you sacrifice customization and control. This is true of Shippable’s multi-tenant platform as well. One, we disable SSH access to our build minions because of security concerns. Second, while we let you use custom docker containers, we still need to make sure they are ‘okay’ to use in our system.

While these are perfectly acceptable limitations for a lot of folks, we want to be the kind of platform that leaves no developer behind. We understand that ideally, all developers want full control over the machines that are building and testing their code. Some even go so far as to reject multi-tenant hosted solutions, preferring to bear the overhead of setting up and maintaining their own Jenkins setup.

What if you had all the benefits of a hosted service and still had full control? We’ve built just that with Dedicated Hosts!

Dedicated Hosts give you 
- the ability to 'attach' one or more machines to your Shippable org or individual profile, creating a fully functional, dedicated test lab in a few minutes!
- the best of both worlds - hosted orchestration with a dedicated build system.
complete control over your build machines.
- ability to use custom docker images. No restrictions. 
- ability to keep your code within your firewall. We support both cloud and on-premise hosts

Without further ado, let’s jump in and see how it all works!
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Demystifying Shippable's deployment keys

Posted by Ragesh Krishna on October 19, 2014

When you enable a project on Shippable, you can see that a key gets added to your repository's "Deployment Keys" on GitHub or BitBucket. However, when you visit your subscription dashboard on Shippable, there's another "Deployment Key" listed there that doesn't match what you see in your repository settings. I'm going to try and clear that up for you in this post.


Shippable uses two key pairs:

  1. ~/.ssh/project_rsa and ~/.ssh/project_rsa.pub for git clonegit pull and git fetch operations
  2. ~/.ssh/id_rsa and ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pub for git submodule operations, and any other commands that use SSH which you include in your YML files
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Shippable co-founder and CEO to present at CloudDevelop 2014

Posted by Manisha Sahasrabudhe on October 17, 2014

How is it possible to containerize the software development life cycle (SDLC)? This week, Shippable’s co-founder and CEO Avi Cavale will present on this topic at CloudDevelop 2014 on October 17 in Ohio.

CloudDevelop 2014 is an event that brings together people exploring every aspect of cloud computing. With the change in environments through build, staging and production, developers face major obstacles with inefficiency and inconsistency as part of the SDLC. Avi will describe how containerization can resolve these issues to improve workflow and streamline the development life cycle from code to production.

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Faster builds with cached containers

Posted by Manisha Sahasrabudhe on October 14, 2014


Just a quick blog post to announce - container caching is back!

Back in V1, our caching mechanism was a big hit. All dependencies and packages were cached between builds, giving us a tremendous build speed advantage over the competition. However, this meant that we kept dedicated containers for each user and stopped and started them as required. Due to the sheer number of containers we run in production (over 12000 at last count), we started seeing some issues around containers getting stuck, unable to stop or start, etc. We decided to fix this in V2.

We have re-hauled our caching mechanism and it’s now ready for primetime! The main change in V2 is that caching is now an opt-in mechanism. By default, we will build and test your workloads on a pristine environment. However, you can turn on caching with one line in the yml.

Turn on caching
Set a tag in your shippable.yml -

cache: true

And that’s it…watch your builds zip through!

Resetting your minion
Want to test a particular commit on a pristine environment? Just include a keyword in your commit message -


We will reset the cached container and start over for that build. 

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V2 is here! Dedicated hosts, custom docker workflows, and a lot more.

Posted by Manisha Sahasrabudhe on September 12, 2014


Shippable V2 is here! We are super excited and proud about this release and we hope you’ll love it as well. We could not have done it without your support… and feature requests and bugs :). So a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who’s ever signed up and run a build.

In my previous post, I focused on what’s different about features that existed in V1. In this post, I will introduce all the cool new stuff we’ve been working on and why we chose to include this in V2. A lot of our brand new features have been driven by customer requests, so if you see something you’d like to see in the coming weeks, please feel free to drop us a note.

I’ll also write a blog series starting tomorrow and cover one or more new features every day. Please follow us on twitter to stay up to date with new blog content and overall industry news.

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