Google Kubernetes cofounder and technical lead Joe Beda becomes a strategic advisor, Microsoft and VMware veteran Charles Fitzgerald joins Shippable’s Board of Directors, and developer and open source marketing expert Matt Carter joins leadership team


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Setting up permissions for images on Docker Hub is pretty straightforward, given how it follows a simple GitHub-like model. Amazon EC2 Container Registry (or Amazon ECR) is a great service for storing images but setting correct permissions is slightly complicated. This is especially true when configuring user-specific permissions on the images. We’ll create a few users and repos and set up repo permissions. We’ll use the AWS command line tool to set the permissions. Using the cli makes it easier to script all the steps and automate the entire process. Everything we do using cli can be done using the web interface

The objective is to setup following rules for any image pushed on Amazon ECR

  • user usr1 should have push/pull permissions for Repo1 and Repo2
  • user usr2 should have push/pull permissions for Repo2 only
  • user usr3 should have only pull permissions for Repo1

Let's get started.

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Posted by Tom Trahan

If you've thought about running containers on AWS, today's a big day.  With the introduction of Amazon EC2 Container Registry today, you can now establish and run a container-based pipeline entirely within AWS.  And with Shippable, setting up and running that pipeline with full visibility, history and control has never been easier.

During AWS re:Invent 2015, we announced our preview release for integration between Shippable and Amazon EC2 Container Service (Amazon ECS).  Today, we're thrilled to announce that we've added integration with Amazon EC2 Container Registry (Amazon ECR), as well. With this integration, Shippable customers can now pull and push Docker images from Amazon ECR as part of their Shippable CI builds and deploy them with Shippable Formations across multiple clusters in Amazon ECS, without ever having to manually update a Task Definition yourself.  Shippable automatically updates your ECS task definitions with the latest image information based on your CI builds and either automatically deploys or deploys with a single-click when you're ready.

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Posted by Tom Trahan

Today's a big day!  We're thrilled to announce the integration of our Shippable CI/CD platform with Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS) and the coming integration with Amazon EC2 Container Registry (ECR). With this integration, Shippable customers can easily deploy the Docker images generated from their Shippable CI processes into Amazon's services for managing and running containers.

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Is the Public Cloud Safe?

October 02, 2015

Posted by Jawaid Ekram

While there is a lot of excitement around cloud computing and its benefits, security and compliance are the top reasons used for not migrating to the cloud.

In the last decade, there has been a tremendous amount of innovation coming out of companies running their businesses on the public cloud. Netflix, SalesForce, Uber, AirBnB are just a few examples. These businesses have taken the advantage of the public cloud. On the other hand, it is very hard to find innovation and wealth generation coming out of companies leveraging their legacy data centers (aka Private Cloud).

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