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Shippable Employee Spotlight: Pranay Pareek



Pranay Pareek from our Bangalore office is the subject of this month's Employee Spotlight series. Pranay celebrates his one-year anniversary at Shippable this month and is a self-confessed geek. He is fascinated with Easter-egg references and the idea of interstellar travel, as evident in the phrase, 'flying whales and hypercubes' found on one of his online profiles. Besides his parents, the key influencers in Pranay's life are Chuck Schuldiner (Late Frontman - Death), Diane Greene (Founder - VMware), and Edward Snowden. Read on below to find out more about Pranay. You can also reach out to him via his webpage.

Shippable's IDK journey (I Delegate to Kubernetes)!

Shippable was proud to be part of the Kubernetes 1.0 launch at the OSCON conference in Portland recently.

Here's a presentation by our CEO, Avi Cavale as part of the customer showcase at the event. Avi talks about about Shippable's adoption of Kubernetes and how it impacted our internal workflows.

Shippable Customer Spotlight: Meet Carlos Becker


This month, we talked to Shippable power user, Carlos Alexandro Becker, about his experience with our platform over the past year. Carlos is a developer from PR, Brazil and is currently a senior software engineer at ContaAzul. When not working, he's blogging, hacking on open source, and learning new things.  

Shippable Employee Spotlight: David Grimes



This month, we spoke with David Grimes for our Employee Spotlight series. David is a computer science graduate from Eastern Washington University and has been with Shippable since January 2015. On his personal website, David says he chose a career as a software engineer to challenge himself by solving problems in a creative yet efficient fashion. Read on further to get to know more about David. 

Customer Spotlight - Meet Matthias Sieber



As part of our Customer Spotlight series, this month, we spoke with Shippable user Matthias Sieber, Chief Technology Officer, at SupplyHub, a B2B marketplace for commercial and industrial wholesalers. 

Do you use Shippable for personal repositories or for work?

I use Shippable for work. I tested the Startup plan first for my own Startup and then introduced Shippable to SupplyHub, where I recently got promoted to the position of CTO. 

If you use Shippable for work, what does your company do?

SupplyHub is a social B2B marketplace that brings efficiency and convenience to the industrial and commercial wholesale community by connecting distributors, manufacturers, and buyers online.