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Important: Change in GitHub scopes for Shippable

We recently found a bug that prevented us from deleting webhooks on GitHub when a user who had only authorized Shippable for public repositories deleted a project on Shippable. The root cause of this bug is that we have write:repo_hooks scope for public repositories, and this does not include permissions to delete a webhook. From GitHub documentation -


Who is affected by this?

Existing users who have authorized Shippable only for GitHub public repos. 

Caching containers to speed up your builds

Important update on this blog


This blog is based on the old shippable.yml format. A built-in yml translator does translates the code from the old to the new format. Read more about the translation from the old to the new format here.

For the latest information, refer our documentation on caching and/or open a support issue, if you have questions.


Shippable, rebranded.

Happy Friday!

We are excited to introduce you to our new aye-aye mascot, inspired by a type of Madagascar lemur. He is fun, playful, and you will frequently see him doing the things we do.

aye aye activities                    

It’s been an eventful couple of years since Avi and I started Shippable and yesterday’s Geekwire bash brought it all together. Two years ago, Avi entered the ping pong tournament looking for some PR for our 3 person startup. Two years later, we were a proud sponsor attending with 10+ Shippers from our Seattle office. What a journey! More on that in a blog post coming up soon.

Having grown beyond being an ingenue, we’ve been looking for a way to represent our personality to the outside world. Our old branding and logo was hastily put together in late 2013 just in time for Techstars demo day and it no longer represents the company we've become. 

Shippable Secures $8M Series A Funding to Containerize and Democratize Continuous Integration and Delivery

Led by Madrona Venture Group, funding will fuel expansion of Shippable's platform into the enterprise and support a rapidly growing user base

SEATTLE--(November 6, 2014)— Shippable, Inc., a containerized continuous integration and delivery platform, today announced that it has raised $8 million in Series A funding. Coming on the heels of a successful $2 million seed round in December, the new funding will be used to further accelerate growth of the company and to drive adoption of its innovative platform into the enterprise. 

Continuous integration and delivery (CI and CD) is the holy grail for companies looking to innovate faster. It helps teams identify bugs instantly, improve quality and reduce risk in their release cycles. Shippable has reimagined this concept by leveraging containers and created a platform that delivers speed, performance, ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness for customers, both in hosted public environments and private data centers.

Madrona Venture Group led the round, with participation from existing investors including Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital, Divergent Ventures and Founders Co-Op. As part of the financing, Tim Porter, managing director at Madrona Venture Group, will join the board.

Dedicated Hosts... with custom Docker images!

This blog is deprecated


We have significantly updated the Shippable platform with several new features.

Do you want to run your builds on your own machines? Refer to our Bring Your Own Node (BYON) feature.

Want to use custom Docker images for your CI? No problem, details here.

For the latest information on CI/CD for Docker Containers, refer to our documentation, and/or open a support issue, if you have questions.

Try Shippable

Multi-tenant SaaS platforms are awesome, primarily due to lower costs and minimal setup and maintenance overhead. However, these advantages come at a price - you sacrifice customization and control. This is true of Shippable’s multi-tenant platform as well. One, we disable SSH access to our build minions because of security concerns. Second, while we let you use custom docker containers, we still need to make sure they are ‘okay’ to use in our system.

While these are perfectly acceptable limitations for a lot of folks, we want to be the kind of platform that leaves no developer behind. We understand that ideally, all developers want full control over the machines that are building and testing their code. Some even go so far as to reject multi-tenant hosted solutions, preferring to bear the overhead of setting up and maintaining their own Jenkins setup.

What if you had all the benefits of a hosted service and still had full control? We’ve built just that with Dedicated Hosts!

Dedicated Hosts give you 
- the ability to 'attach' one or more machines to your Shippable org or individual profile, creating a fully functional, dedicated test lab in a few minutes!
- the best of both worlds - hosted orchestration with a dedicated build system.
complete control over your build machines.
- ability to use custom docker images. No restrictions. 
- ability to keep your code within your firewall. We support both cloud and on-premise hosts

Without further ado, let’s jump in and see how it all works!