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Feature roundup: Amazon ECR regions, Service status page, Github tag/release builds, and more!

Feature roundup: Hipchat integration, faster caching, code coverage badge, and much more

We hope you're enjoying using the new Shippable. Now that we're a month past the release and all customers are on the new build platform, we have started knocking off new features at breakneck speed!

Improved integration with Atlassian products

We've added support for commit status of Bitbucket pull requests so you can now view build status for your pull requests from within Bitbucket UI. We also added Hipchat notifications for CI and Pipeline workflows. More on that in a separate blog post to be published later today. 

New caching implementation

Shippable now supports folder level caching so you can cache selectively depending on your needs. The new caching implementation is fast and can save you several minutes in build times! Read more in our documentation about caching.

5 Tips for a Successful Migration

As you probably know, we released an upgraded build system on February 29th. We have started migrating customers to the new platform and some of you have migrated yourself.

While most migrations are transparent, some hit small snags due to their specific build configuration and how it interacts with the new build system. We have put together these 5 tips to help you have a smooth and uneventful upgrade.

Before we start with the tips, I want to call out that caching is currently disabled on our new build platform. Our caching implementation exports and pushes your build container to a Docker registry, but we're seeing very slow execution of these steps. We are already working on an alternate implementation which will let you cache at a folder level. This will be available the week of March 14th. 

Ok, so let's get started with the tips!

Migrating to the New Build Platform

We unveiled the latest release of Shippable on February 29th. This release includes over 240 new features and addresses most of the customer feedback we've received over the last few months. Details about the new release are in my blog post here.

A big part of this release is moving to a new yml format that allows for maximum flexibility in configuring your workflows, including access to the Docker CLI in your yml commands.

To ease this transition to the new release, Shippable now includes a built-in yml translator which automatically reads old yml formats and converts them to the new format. This means you do not have to move to the latest format if you don't want to and your projects should continue to just work after your subscription is migrated in the next few days.

Meet the new Shippable

Today, we are proud to announce our latest Shippable release. This release is very close to our hearts for several reasons. First, it addresses almost all customer feedback that we have received over the last couple of years. Second, it achieves our goal of going beyond CI and being a true end-to-end continuous delivery platform for all applications. Third, our platform architecture sets us up to execute faster than anyone else, which means we can innovate at breakneck speed and deliver value to our customers, namely, YOU.




The new Shippable helps you ship code faster than ever before. Let’s delve deeper into what we are launching today.