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Get started with HipChat notifications and Bitbucket pull request status

We are very excited to announce major enhancements to our integration with two popular Atlassian products -  HipChat and Bitbucket pull request status.

First, we have added support for viewing build status for your Bitbucket pull requests from within the Bitbucket UI. In addition to firing CI for commits, Shippable builds your pull requests and shows you the results within the Bitbucket UI, so that you can merge the Pull Request confidently. More on this, including screenshots, is explained in our documentation

Second, you can now send HipChat notifications for your Shippable builds and pipeline updates.

Shippable India team and the DevOpsDays 2015 event

Team spirits were high this September at Shippable's Bangalore office in anticipation of DevOpsDays India 2015, organized by Emerging Technologies Trust and Bangalore office's first event as conference sponsors! In addition to activities around getting the new office in shape and interviews set-up everyday for the engineering team's expansion, we had quite a lot on our plates. From getting the banners, standees, stickers, business cards printed to sourcing t-shirts but we pulled it off just in time! What made it even more fun was Avi's presence in Bangalore during the first half of September. In fact, he had a scheduled talk at the conference but I'll get back to that later in the blog (saving the best for last!).