CI/CD enhancements: JaCoCo, JFrog Artifactory, and more

- By Manisha Sahasrabudhe on January 10, 2017

Happy 2017! As the new year kicks in, we wanted to start a monthly blog that lets you know the new features we've launched in the last month. No more trees (aka features) falling silently in the forest... they'll make a big THUDDDDD in this monthly series. So without further ado.... TA DA!

Continuous Integration

Custom variables for manual builds: You can now inject custom environment variables while triggering a manual build through the UI. This is great while debugging when you don't want to make fake commits just to trigger builds with different env values. 

Integrated JaCoCo code coverage reportsYou can visualize rich reports within the Shippable UI and drill down to see which llnes of code are not covered by your tests. 


Continuous Delivery Pipelines


Improved Single Pane of Glass UX: Our SPOG view now shows you a history for all your jobs along with consoles and status and allows for easy navigation through job history. What's that? No.... we can't predict the future yet.

Improved Single Pane of Glass performence: As customers onboarded hundreds of microservices into their pipelines ymls, the SPOG view was sometimes sluggish to load. We've fixed this to a great extent and will continue making investments in SPOG moving forward.

Trace: Ever wanted to know which image version is included in the microservice version running in an environment? Our Trace functionality allows you to see just that!

Support for all docker options for all Container Services: We now support all docker options for every Amazon ECS, Google Container Engine (GKE), Docker Datacenter, Joyent Triton, and Docker Cloud. 

Third party Integrations

Simplified Integrations workflow: We have eliminated the need to go to multiple places in the Shippable UI in order to create integrations. Instead, you can specify subscriptions that will have access to an account integrations while creating the integration.

integrations_workflow.pngThis eliminates the need for the additional step of going to your subscription's settings and adding the integration there. 

JFrog Artifactory integration: You can push files to Artifactory as part of your CI workflow and also trigger your CD pipeline with changes to a file hosted on Artifactory. CI/CD for Java just got a lot easier! We will publish a couple of tutorials today so you get the hang of it.

Shippable Server 

We overhauled the Admin UI to allow for better management of nodes, users, and queues. 

In addition to everything above, we've made a bunch of backend changes for improved stability and reliability. You should see these improve your overall experience with your Continuous Delivery pipelines on Shippable.

Topics: Docker, Google Container Registry, Amazon ECS, artifactory, Docker Datacenter, jacoco