CI/CD new features: Kubernetes, JaCoCo, and more

- By Abhijit Kini on February 06, 2017

Keeping up our 2017 resolution, here's a summary of the new features released in January for Shippable's Continuous Integration and Delivery platform. In addition, get a sneak peek of what's coming in February.

Continuous Integration

Enhancements to Jacoco code coverage reports: You can now get individual file level detail, trend graphs for average line coverage and branch coverage for overall coverage results of the last ten runs and download the code coverage file in the .tar.gz format

Jacoco Code coverage report


CI timeouts configurable up to 24 hours for BYONSubscriptions with custom nodes (BYON) can set the timeout up to 24 hours, for Continuous Integration projects

Node Stats for BYON: Subscriptions with custom nodes (BYON) can view CPU, Disk usage and Memory as graphs for custom nodes. Access these through Subscription Settings>Nodes Section>Click on the node>Stats section

Measuring CPU, Disk usage and Memory for custom nodes


Continuous Delivery Pipelines

New Job and Resource types:

  • Provision Job Type: provision jobs are used to create objects on a supported Container Service
  • Jenkins Job Type: a special job type that'll allow you to connect your existing Jenkins job to your Shippable pipeline
  • Time Resource Type: used to trigger a job based on specific day and time

Added a section in TASK object that runs irrespective of the job result: A section called Always, is added to the TASK object that executes, irrespective of the job result. Check out this example for job notifications

Standard ENVs to runSH job environments: Read more about the variables added in our documentation and use them in integrations of your runSH job by following this tutorial

Added a service deployment for GKE: Use it as an input to a provision job to create a new load balancer in a Google Container Engine (GKE) cluster. Details in documentation

Create a subscription integration from account flow integration: Create a subscription integration when creating the account integration

Pipeline EventTrigger Integration

SPOG Visualization updates: The Single Pane Of Glass (SPOG) UI is simplified. Read more about the different jobs and resources actions. You can now right click on a params resource to override or add new params from the UI

dynamic UI For Params resource

Third party integrations

Kubernetes Support: Deploy your Dockerized applications to Kubernetes Container service. More details in our documentation. Follow this tutorial to deploy a sample app to Kubernetes for a Node.js app with GitHub, Docker Hub

Support placement strategies for Amazon's EC2 Container Service (ECS): ECS has added support for various placement strategies in their services. We now allow our users to set these fields. Details in our documentation

Shippable Server

We've added several additions to the installer such as a new service that uploads logs of completed jobs to S3, ability to add new Swarm nodes without resetting existing install, enable IRC notifications and validation steps during upgrades.

In addition to the new features, we've fixed several customer reported issues and made changes to improve the performance of the platform. For more details on the January releases and see what's upcoming for February, read our release notes.


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