Announcing support for deployments to Kubernetes

- By Manisha Sahasrabudhe on January 24, 2017

Ever since we added Continuous Delivery pipelines to Shippable, one of the most common feature requests has been around support for deployment to the open source container orchestration platform from Google: Kubernetes. And we're excited to announce that we've added this last week! We already support Amazon ECS, Google Container Engine (GKE), Joyent Triton, and Docker Cloud/Datacenter and with Kubernetes added to this list, you can now automate deployments to any major Container Service using Shippable.


The cool thing about Kubernetes is that it is open source and can be installed anywhere you want. You can run it on premise or install it in your VPC on Amazon EC2 or another cloud provider. Kubernetes is also maturing very quickly since it is open source with a lot of contributors

Check out our tutorial on deploying Docker containers to Kubernetes. Try it out today and let us know what you think!Try Shippable

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