Declarative Continuous Deployment Pipelines with Docker

- By Abhijit Kini on October 13, 2016

Everyone agrees that continuous deployment helps accelerate innovation. However, Continuous Deployment (CD) today is synonymous with fragile homegrown solutions made of disjointed tools cobbled together with thousands of lines of imperative scripts. Avi Cavale walks you through the CD maturity model and demos an end to end continuous deployment with declarative pipelines for Docker applications.

This video was taken at the Docker Seattle Meetup, hosted by Tune.



- Intro      00:00
- What's new with Docker and it's importance      01:17
- Why Continuous Deployment?      08:05
- CD Maturity      12:53
- Challenges with CD      15:04
- Addressing the challenges      18:21
- Demo of e2e continuous deployment to AWS      19:08
- Demo of cloud disaster recovery      33:40
- Scenarios and capabilities      38:14
- Conclusion      40:34


- Run an end to end sample continuous deployment pipeline on your own, as shown in the demo

- Read how Continuous Deployment Pipelines helps ship code faster

- 3rd party integrations for Continuous Deployment

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Topics: Docker, continuous deployment (CD), Google Cloud Platform, Amazon ECS, AWS