DevOps 2.0 is here - Announcing Shippable Formations and enhanced CI capabilities

- By Manisha Sahasrabudhe on June 17, 2015


We are excited to announce the release of significant enhancements to Shippable Continuous Integration and the introduction of a new product, Shippable Formations. Together, these two products transcend traditional DevOps and take it to the next level, to DevOps 2.0. 

DevOps 2.0 - Frictionless pipelines from code to production

What is DevOps 2.0?

Internally at Shippable, we've embraced what we've coined DevOps 2.0. It consists of 2 main pillars -   

Frictionless Continuous Delivery without writing DevOps code - Achieving an automated workflow from source control to a fully deployed topology that mimics production. Deployments are managed without code, scripts, or IT Automation tools.

Dockerized Smart Environments - Persistent, multi-container environments that automatically update themselves with each code commit, without needing to set up separate configuration management, version management, or continuous deployment tooling. Applications are decoupled from servers, so developers have full visibility into their applications without the need for SSH access.

As early adopters of Docker, we built a lot of tools and processes to help us ship faster and remain ahead of the competition. As a result, our fully automated delivery pipeline from GitHub -> CI -> Docker Hub -> integration testing -> production and helps us deploy to production 20-60x per day. 

Shippable Formations will help you achieve similar results. 

Introducing Shippable Formations 

Shippable Formations enables you to easily provision and deploy full-topology dev and test environments. With Formations, you'll receive the following:

  • Full-topology environments - run multi-container dev/test environments on Shippable at a fraction of the cost of AWS
  • Fully orchestrated - backed by powerful container orchestration, easily match your production topology (e.g load-balancing) and ensure your dev/test environments are always on and functioning
  • DevOps without Scripts - get DevOps flow without scripts or new languages to learn
  • Dedicated, persistent and scalable - dedicated environments that are always on and easily expanded to meet your needs
  • Simple deployment setup - with a few clicks, easily configure deployment templates to deploy any combination of your software component versions to any environment
  • Smart deployments  - choose to auto-deploy on every image change or use one-click deployment
  • Additional features - including one-click rollback, instant visibility on status of software changes without needing SSH access, ability to deploy images from any source, not just those created by Shippable CI/CD
Read more about Shippable Formations on our blogdocs and website and take advantage of our RISK FREE 60-day trial.    

Big enhancements for Shippable CI/CD

In this release, we've made lots of improvements to the Shippable CI/CD product, based heavily on feedback from you. These include:

  • Enhanced user experience - faster response times and easier to navigate
  • Full Docker image support - pull, build, and push images, including custom images with automated image tagging and traceability to code commits
  • No need for Dedicated Hosts - you can stop managing your own machines in order to use Docker, all functionality is now available and managed by Shippable
  • Debugging access - download your failed build containers and debug locally
  • Powerful builds - all minions will now provide 2 cores, 4GB RAM per minion

Introducing Lighthouse 

We have also introduced a new feature called Lighthouse, that lets you 'watch' any public Docker image or any private image you have access to from any registry and get notified via email when that image is updated. This is very useful since you can use it to monitor upstream Docker images, whether you own them or not, and use this information to decide when and if you want to use new version.

Lighthouse is FREE for all Shippable users. For more details, read our blog on Lighthouse.


 Plans  Details
 Shippable CI   - One free container
 - Pay-as-you-go at $10 per additional container + access to Shippable APIs 
 Shippable  Formations

 - $7 per container per month
 - Hosted, full topology, persistent dev/test environments


All existing users on the Individual Plan will be automatically migrated to the Shippable CI - Free Plan. If you are currently on the Startup Plan, you will remain on your existing plan until your subscription period comes up for renewal, at which time you'll be notified to convert to a new plan.

Join the DevOps 2.0 revolution today! Send us your feedback or register for our upcoming webinar on DevOps 2.0 with Shippable Ci/CD and Formations to learn more.



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