DevOps Resources: TOP News and Discussions

- By Pavan Belagatti on June 01, 2017

In our last blog, we shared the top books about DevOps to read, and this time it is about the places online where you can find tutorials, news, and discussions about DevOps. No doubt, DevOps is trending worldwide in the software industry, and anybody who is willing to learn more about DevOps should be updated with all the latest trends. We are making this effort to share the best resources with you since we are noticing a lot of people asking questions like how they can become DevOps engineers or what it even means to "do DevOps".

Here is a list of interesting websites where you can start participating in DevOps-related discussions. 

Everything DevOps on Reddit

Global Alexa Rank: 8

devops on reddit.png


This is the subreddit where you will find threads that discuss DevOps with great passion. It is a great place to check out recent news, articles or discussions about DevOps. You can also start discussion and share any article/question and get relevant answers. 


DevOps Topic & Discussions on Quora  

Global Alexa Rank: 116

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Quora is a popular Q&A platform where you can find questions and discussions related to DevOps. All questions are open to anyone who knows the answer, so try to answer as many as you can and you'll be known as an expert in no time.


DevOps LinkedIn Group  

Global Alexa Rank: 25

devops on LinkedIn.png


This is a busy group on LinkedIn with 55K people where DevOps professionals submit interesting articles and discuss them. Join this group and get a lot of information from experts.


DevOps Threads on Hacker News

Global Alexa Rank: 1346

devops on hacker news.png


Hacker News is the ultimate resource and you can find  information on almost any tech related topic, along with a highly opinionated community. It is also a rich source for trendy and hot DevOps discussions.


DevOps Zone on DZone

Global Alexa Rank: 4147

devops on dzone.png


DZone has a lot of engaging content around software development, technical tutorials, programming, cloud computing and DevOps. Numerous experts share their articles every day and each article easily gets over a thousand views.

These are the five websites we recommend to help increase your knowledge of DevOps and get more involved in related discussions. Let us know if we have missed any of your favorite sites, and we would be happy to include in the list. 

If you are keen on knowing more and want to become an expert, the lively Quora discussions below should help you.

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Happy DevOpsing:) 

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