Seattle Docker meetup - hosted by Shippable

- By Manisha Sahasrabudhe on March 15, 2014


After hosting our first Docker meetup in Bangalore, we were excited to host a Docker meetup at our new digs in downtown Seattle this week.  Thanks to the  Madrona Venture Group for letting us use their beautiful event space!

The evening kicked off with Hot Mama's pizza, beer, and some casual conversation, aka networking. By 6:45pm, we all settled down to listen to the evening's main talk - a presentation by our CEO Avi Cavale. Avi started off with introducing himself and our company. He then told everyone his favorite story - our journey from  VMs to LXCs and finally discovering Docker was the right fit for containerizing our hosted continuous integration and deployment service. (More on that was captured in our blog.) 

Avi went on to talk about what Docker is and why both developers and ops engineers should care about portability. He also went into some depth on the advantages of using Docker over VMs and told us all about the cool new features in the latest Docker release, like execution drivers and libcontainer.


Avi then gave an overview of Shippable's high level architecture and how using Docker dropped our hosting costs on EC2 by over 60%, while also helping us be the fastest CI/CD service in the market. We are one of the few companies using Docker in production, so there were a lot of questions in this segment. Just a few examples -  

  • Do you deploy different Shippable modules in separate containers?
  • How do these modules communicate?  
  • Are there monitoring solutions for docker?
  • What happens when the queue goes down?
  • Do you have a sense of the density improvements after switching from LXC to Docker?

It was 8pm by the time we were done with the talk and questions. Since there were no volunteers to do a lightning talk, Avi also did a short demo next. We were very happy that almost everyone stuck around until 8:30pm, a full half hour after the scheduled end time.

All in all, a super fun, highly interactive meetup and we hope to host many more!

Avi's deck is available on slideshare.