Weekly Roundup - Gluecon, MongoDB, NodeJS, CI, CD, RedHat, Devops, Oh my!

- By Manaswini Sawant on May 23, 2014

Well, well, well this week has been all about GlueCon 2014! In case you missed our CEO's talk about gaming AWS, don't worry, we will have a recap for you soon.
  • Just a few days to get in your nominations for the MongoDB Innovation Awards. Nominate an organization or individual that is "changing the world using MongoDB". And get a discount for MongoDBWorld just for nominating someone. Want to know if your favorite applications use MongoDB? Take a look at this list of applications using MongoDB in production.
  • If you haven't played around with MongoDB and Node.js yet - here is a simple tutorial on doing just that by Smashing Magazine.
  • The RedHat developer blog lists the reasons why they needed a Release Engine and why they chose to build over buy.
    • Quote - "For CI, there’s Jenkins/Hudson, buildbot, Travis, etc..; for configuration management, Chef or Puppet; for repository management, Pulp or Satellite; for provisioning, Foreman, Satellite, or Cobbler; for host scripting, Ansible as well as our own Taboot. In Red Hat IT, we’re using at least one of these tools in each category. But, there seems to be a lack of easy to use tools to automate orchestration across these systems. Yes, Jenkins can tie them all together, but it’s not easy to set up and even harder to maintain. The Release Engine (RE) is our stab at solving this problem."

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