How To: Use Slack Integration for Build Notifications

- By Lekha Bhargavi on August 10, 2015



We have significantly updated the Shippable platform with several new features. Hence most of the content in this blog is deprecated. Go to the updated blog for this topic. For the latest information, refer to our documentation and/or open a support issue, if you have questions.




Shippable uses Slack on a daily, continuous basis for all team communication. Why, you ask? Because it allows us to "work in the moment". We have found it to be significantly more efficient, more transparent and faster to communicate using Slack. And less email!

And so, enabling Slack integrations for Build Notifications is special and personal and ... you get the point. Of course, this has also been something our customers have also been asking for!

This blog walks you through the exercise of setting up the Slack integration on Shippable through a simple 3-step process.

Step 1: Create an incoming webhook integration on Slack

- Go to your Slack page at: Scroll toward the bottom of the page, click on the View button against Incoming Webhooks.


- Follow the prompts. It does not matter what channel you choose to publish to while setting it up on Slack. We will let you override that from Shippable anyway.

- Note the "Webhook URL" that Slack generates. You will need this in the next step to set up your Slack account integration on Shippable.


Step 2. Set up an Account Integration on Shippable for Slack

- Login to Shippable and go to Account Settings.

- Click on the Integrations tab, hit  (+)  to add a new integration.

- Choose Slack as your Master Integration Type.

- Enter a name for your Slack Integration. This is what you will be referring to in the next step - so choose a name that's easy to remember. I chose SlackForShippable in the example below.

- In the webhookURL box, copy and paste the Webhook URL from Step 1.

- Channel: Here, you can customize the channel to post notifications to. Channel names must begin with #, so if you want to post to general, be sure to specify #general as the channel name. You can also do direct messages to individuals by entering @username.


Step 3. Enable the Slack Integration for a project

- Go to your Project Page, click on the Settings Tab.

- Scroll down to the Project Integrations section.

- Click on Notifications Integration and select the name of the integration you created in Step 2. In my example below, you can see I have the option of selecting SlackForShippable for my sample_php project.



And that's it. You will now get all build status updates for your project on your Slack channel. You can see the messages I get on the Slack channel below for the sample project. 


Don't you think this is much better than email? I do :-). But in case you still want to use email or IRC for notifications, we support that as well. Check out our docs for Email or IRC Notifications. The content in this blog is also documented in our How-To section for Slack Notifications.

Happy Slacking!



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