Infrastructure provisioning using Terraform

- By Ankul Kumar on May 08, 2016

You can now provision infrastructure using Terraform through Shippable builds without having to worry about  merge conflicts in state files. If you aren't familiar with it, Terraform is a tool for building, changing and versioning infrastructure safely and efficiently. It can manage existing and popular service providers as well as  a part of a custom in-house solution. You can now use Terraform to provision your infrastructure in Shippable. Here's how to get started:

Step 1: Create Terraform project

Create a Terraform project with the required infrastructure configuration. You can clone our sample Terraform project from GitHub to get started. In addition, your project should also have a shippable.yml file. Here is a sample shippable.yml file as a starting point:


language: none



   - FOO=”bar”

  -  secure: <encrypted output>



   - cp -vr /shippableci/shippable/provision/terraform.tfstate .


   - terraform apply



   - cp -fvr terraform.tfstate /shippableci/shippable/provision








Here is a guide key components of the sample shippable.yml file:
  • The `pre_prov` section has script(s) that you want to execute before provisioning (eg. `terraform plan` or copying file from `/shippableci/shippable/provision` to project directory).
  • The `prov` section has script(s) for provisioning infrastructure. If this section is not present in shippable.yml, `terraform apply` will be executed by default.
  • The `post_prov` section has script(s) that you would like to run after provisioning (eg. copying new state file from project directory to `/shippableci/shippable/provision`).
  • You can encrypt your secure environment variables and use them in env tag. (Instructions for doing this can be found in the Shippable documentation.)

Step 2: Add project on Shippable

  1. Push this project to your GitHub or Bitbucket private repository.
  2. Login to Shippable, go to `Account Settings`, and sync your account by click on `Sync`.
  3. Go to your subscription, Click on `Infra` tab and click on `Enable Project`terraform4.png

     4. Find your terraform project in the list and click on `Enable` button.terraform1.png

     5. Your project will now show up in the `Infra` tab. Click on the `Provision` button to start provisioning your infrastructure.terraform3.png

     6. Once the build completes infrastructure will be provisioned:


NOTE: '/shippableci/shippable/provision' is a generic folder to save and restore all files. You should put new files back in this folder to be saved for next provision in the `on_success` section of the 'infra' tag. Let us know if you want Shippable to support your favorite provisioning tools!

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