“Make releases boring”

- By Manaswini Sawant on February 19, 2014

Jez Humble of Thoughtworks makes the case for continuous delivery -

  • Continuous delivery makes releases routine, every day (even several times a day) occurrences -  for instance, Etsy says that a new engineer deploys on their very first day(even before they finish all their new employee paperwork).
  • Deploying more frequently improves the stability of web services allowing companies toship code faster, to have fewer failed deployments and even if the deployment fails, to restore service faster.
  • By automating the build-deploy-test-release process, continuous delivery lets teams perform these on-demand and both reduces the cost of development AND increases number of programs under development.

For more on how Etsy and Flickr implement continuous deployment, check out theengineering blogs for Etsy and Flickr.

Topics: development process