Launching a new user experience

- By Ambarish Chitnis on June 19, 2017

Today, we are very excited about launching a whole new user experience on In this blog, we will discuss some of the key tenets of our new UI and how you can improve your productivity with the new UI.

Tenet #1 - Search

Search is now a first class citizen on every grid that we render. You can search based on any column in the grid such as job name, type etc. In the example below, I can see all my runSh jobs by simply typing runSh.













We also have introduced a global search facility that lets you search across your subscriptions for jobs or resources of a specific type. In the example below, I can now see all my integration resources for the devops-recipes subscription.


Tenet #2 Integrated CI and Pipeline view

We have completely integrated CI and Pipelines into one coherent view. When you login to the dashboard and navigate to your subscription, you will see all your CI and pipeline jobs organized neatly in four groups -

  • Processing jobs
  • Queued jobs
  • Completed jobs
  • Resources

This view can be further customized by choosing the flags or the views supported in the views button dropdown. The flags and the views settings are also persisted.


Tenet #3 Custom Views

We got a lot of feedback from our users that they would like to see custom views of their pipelines and CI jobs. We now allow you to create custom views based off your CI jobs, Pipeline flags and Pipeline jobs. Any custom view can also be selected as your default Account Dashboard.

For example, you can create a single view that contains your CI job, rSync job and all your pipeline jobs for the same repository. Simply click on Home -> + and create your custom view.

This will create a custom view in your dashboard that looks like this.

Next week, we will also add the capability to render SPOG for custom views.

Tenet #4 - Performance

We have dramatically improved the load times on practically every view, with specific emphasis on SPOG (pipeline view) rendering. If your pipeline has a large number of jobs (> 500), loading the subscription dashboard might still take between 5-10 seconds. We are working hard to improve the load times for this scenario.


Switching between the new and previous User Experience

Until July 7th, you will be able to switch back and forth between the current and previous UI.

To switch to the old UI from the new UI, click on Profile in the left side bar and toggle New UI.

To switch to the new UI from the current user experience, click on `Try the New Shippable` link.

Screen Shot 2017-06-19 at 9.10.40 AM.png


We highly encourage feedback and bug reports on our new UI. To create a bug or submit feedback, please click on this link.