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Using a makefile with your Go project

By default, Shippable detects your project type, and uses the language’s standard means of installing dependencies and building your project. In Go for example, dependencies are typically obtained via the ‘go get’ command, and the project is built with the ‘go build’ command. Specifically, we use this command for your go projects.


shippable_retry go get -d -v ./... && go build -v ./...

Using Services with Custom Docker Images

As many of you might know, we provide a variety of images for your builds. By default, we use the image shippableImages/minv2 for all builds. This image comes preinstalled with many versions of all our supported languages, along with many popular services like Redis, MySQL, Elasticsearch, Postgres, etc.

However, many customers like using lightweight containers which only contain what they really need for their code. To address their scenarios, we have created some basic language specific images that can be found on our docker hub repo. There are images for the latest languages such as Scala, Clojure, and go, as well as for classics like Java and PHP on Ubuntu 12.04 and 14.04. The corresponding Dockerfiles for the images are in GitHub in the shippableImages org.  

Today, we'll learn how to use services on these custom images.

Custom Elasticsearch Configs and Shippable

Elastic search is a popular open source solution for querying text. While built on top of the JVM, elasticsearch provides APIs for a variety of programming languages. Shippable currently provides support for elastic search as a pre-installed service. The elasticsearch service can be enabled with a simple addition to your shippable.yml file:

    - elasticsearch

For the uninitiated, additional info on Shippable services can be found here: services

If you desire a default elasticsearch configuration, the elasticsearch service is a great way to get up and running. However, we know many developers have specific configuration needs for elasticsearch, and Shippable wants you to know that we support custom configurations as well! All you need to do is provide your elasticsearch.yml file and change a few lines in your shippable.yml file.

Series A and the folks who got us here

The word is out and it’s finally sinking in! A big THANK YOU to Madrona Venture Group for leading our Series A funding and to Vulcan Capital, Divergent Ventures, Founders Co-op and everyone else who participated.

We want to take a moment and thank everyone who helped us get here. 

First and foremost, we want to thank all our customers for believing in us and supporting our platform. Your support has been our bedrock and you share an equal part in our success today and moving forward. We will continue working hard to continuously improve Shippable and we are excited about what we can achieve together.

Series A isn’t just about the money. It’s also about finding the right partners who can help take the company to new heights. We want to thank Tim Porter and Madrona Venture Group for supporting and encouraging us from the moment we met. Avi was introduced to Madrona at the Geekwire tournament last year and it’s been a great ride since then. We look forward to a partnership that will only get deeper as we embark on this incredible journey together!  

We have a long list of people who have been an indelible part of this journey and will have our eternal gratitude. They are -

Founders Co-op and Chris DeVore for helping us raise our Seed round and being at our side every day since then. Chris always cuts to the chase and keeps us on our toes.

Andy Sack for drilling concepts like customer development and business model canvas into our heads. And for saying that "the guy who knows when he can kiss a girl is the one who will get funded.” It really helped build Avi’s confidence :-| Thank you, Andy!

Adam Doppelt, Patrick O’Donnell, and Darrell Cavens for spending time with us and mentoring us. You inspired us and humbled us with your modesty and willingness to share your wisdom and time. Thank you!

All our angel investors who were the first ones to believe in us. The very first check made us think - “Wow, they’re trusting us with their hard earned money!” - and we worked harder every day. Thank you!

And last but not the least, our friends and families have been super supportive and we could not have done this without the love and understanding they showed every day.

Thank you again. Let the champagne flow :)

Onwards to change the world! 





Shippable Secures $8M Series A Funding to Containerize and Democratize Continuous Integration and Delivery

Led by Madrona Venture Group, funding will fuel expansion of Shippable's platform into the enterprise and support a rapidly growing user base

SEATTLE--(November 6, 2014)— Shippable, Inc., a containerized continuous integration and delivery platform, today announced that it has raised $8 million in Series A funding. Coming on the heels of a successful $2 million seed round in December, the new funding will be used to further accelerate growth of the company and to drive adoption of its innovative platform into the enterprise. 

Continuous integration and delivery (CI and CD) is the holy grail for companies looking to innovate faster. It helps teams identify bugs instantly, improve quality and reduce risk in their release cycles. Shippable has reimagined this concept by leveraging containers and created a platform that delivers speed, performance, ease-of-use and cost-effectiveness for customers, both in hosted public environments and private data centers.

Madrona Venture Group led the round, with participation from existing investors including Paul Allen’s Vulcan Capital, Divergent Ventures and Founders Co-Op. As part of the financing, Tim Porter, managing director at Madrona Venture Group, will join the board.