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Shippable downtime today - more details

At around 12PM UTC yesterday, our build infrastructure began experiencing issues. The root cause was identified to be a problem with the Docker installations on our minion hosts. Although the problem was identified quickly, the recovery process resulted in nearly 4 hours of down time during which your builds and minion provisioning requests stayed queued. The problem has been fully resolved and the system is now running normally.

Enabling guest access for RabbitMQ 3.3.0 on Docker

It's always good to start from scratch ... sometimes. We added some new folks to the team this week and as they were setting up their environments, they kept getting an error, "login failed for guest user," with RabbitMQ on Docker. The rest of us had the older version of RabbitMQ, which was working fine.

Build status is now integrated with GitHub pull requests!

A good continuous integration and deployment solution integrates seamlessly with customer workflows and acts like an invisible helper (for the most part) to ensure that the codebase is always deployable. Shippable strives to do just that. Users are notified about build status in their Inbox and they can change config settings by changing a few lines in the shippable.yml file in their repository. All without coming to the Shippable UI.

Today, we have enabled a significant scenario which will help further this philosophy - support for the GitHub commit status API. 

Interested in Techstars Seattle?

We are proud to be part of the Techstars community which has provided us with a strong network and amazing mentorship. Our CEO, Avi Cavale, will be sharing his experience next Tuesday, April 1st, along with a few recent alumni including Troy Ma, CEO of Sparktrend and Aaron Bird, CEO of Bizible, who all took the leap from Microsoft to startup.

Dear Ping-Pong, thanks a million (or two)! Love, Shippable

[The original post appeared as a guest post by Avi Cavale on Geekwire]

It all started at last year’s GeekWire ping pong and anniversary bash.

I had just founded my company, Qhode (now called Shippable). We were building a geeky product, a continuous integration and deployment service targeted at software developers. Even though we were solving a real problem, I had no idea how to market it.

I asked myself: How will people even find out about us?