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Weekly roundup of news&views about CI/CD/development

It is time for our second weekly roundup of all the interesting things the Shippable Marketing team came across this week.

Simplifying continuous integration - the StockTwits case study

We've been talking to developers and customers, including StockTwits, about their processes and needs around shipping products and code faster.  Some common themes and pain points arise with most continuous integration solutions:
  • Initial set up time can be painstaking to annoyingly difficult
  • Build times don't meet expectations
  • Maintaining the solution outweighs the benefits

We created Shippable from the ground up to avoid these issues and provide the value that CI promises; a fast, scalable easy way to keep your code always shippable.

Weekly roundup of interesting CI/CD news and views

As you can imagine, the Shippable marketing team does a LOT of reading and research of all things related to continuous integration and continuous deployment. Sometimes we come across interesting things that may not directly be related to our product, but that we think people interested in this space should not miss.

FAQ-Why does Shippable ask for R/W access to my repos?

The Shippable team believes that feedback is the breakfast of champions! And one of the questions / user queries that we regularly get asked is - why does Shippable need read/write permissions to all my repos?

 So, we would like to explain. We use read/write permissions for your repos only to auto configure webhooks. To make webhooks work, we need to add deploy keys to your repos. We never touch your code. You can control access - allow access to only public repos only or public and private repos. We don't ask for blanket permissions.