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Interested in continuous integration / continuous deployment?

The Shippable team has hosted two very successful meetups in the past. We love meeting up with the developer community and we always learn something new and have fun at the same time.

Shippable at the RedHat Summit (come meet the team!)

The Shippable team will be at the RedHat Summit in San Francisco's Moscone Center, so be sure to stop by at our booth!
Shippable CEO Avi Cavale will also be speaking at DevNation's Startup Showcase this week. His talk will focus on how teams can ship software faster by using an entirely cloud-based build, test, and deployment environment. 

Shippable offers OpenShift customers blazing fast CI/CD service

Shippable is pleased to announce that we now offer OpenShift customers our blazing fast, hosted CI/CD service. OpenShift customers can now choose the simplicity of using a true SaaS solution instead of spending the Gears to host a CI server themselves (not to mention further engineering time configuring and maintaining their CI system).
Shippable will (soon) be available through RedHat's OpenShift Marketplace.
You can try Shippable's service (in BETA) on OpenShift right now at

Shippable now supports BitBucket!

As we promised at our launch, the Shippable engineering team has been working crazy hours to add new features. 

Many of the features we add are by user request.  If you would like to suggest a feature or enhancement, head on over to Shippable support and file an issue.

Shippable started off being tightly integrated with Github - as it was the cloud repository of choice, especially for open source projects. When it comes to private repos however, BitBucket has become a popular alternative to Github.

So one very common user request we received at Shippable was - to add support for BitBucket. And when our users speak, the Shippable team listens....

We are happy to announce that Shippable now supports BitBucket

Shippable downtime today - more details

At around 12PM UTC yesterday, our build infrastructure began experiencing issues. The root cause was identified to be a problem with the Docker installations on our minion hosts. Although the problem was identified quickly, the recovery process resulted in nearly 4 hours of down time during which your builds and minion provisioning requests stayed queued. The problem has been fully resolved and the system is now running normally.