Shippable India team and the DevOpsDays 2015 event

- By Pranay Pareek on September 22, 2015

Team spirits were high this September at Shippable's Bangalore office in anticipation of DevOpsDays India 2015, organized by Emerging Technologies Trust and Bangalore office's first event as conference sponsors! In addition to activities around getting the new office in shape and interviews set-up everyday for the engineering team's expansion, we had quite a lot on our plates. From getting the banners, standees, stickers, business cards printed to sourcing t-shirts but we pulled it off just in time! What made it even more fun was Avi's presence in Bangalore during the first half of September. In fact, he had a scheduled talk at the conference but I'll get back to that later in the blog (saving the best for last!).

The conference had more than 22 speakers from start-ups and enterprises alike including regulars from the local Bangalore meetup scene. The scope of the conference being niche naturally comprised of people with a lot in common and a strong sense of belonging to the devops community. All of us found this pretty refreshing as we could talk about anything related to CI/CD and assume people would know about it! Overhearing the conversations, it was apparent that everyone really wanted to learn about one another's day-to-day operations. The people we spoke to had a contagious zeal to become aware of the practices being followed by their peers in order to keep the performance of their products top-notch.

The conference started with a keynote by Justin Arbuckle (VP, Chef) and gradually moved from talk to talk. After a filling lunch, the day began to take its toll on the attendees' spirits, partly due to the surprising absence of post-lunch caffeine! And not long after that was time for the last talk of the day by Avi on the topic 'Modern Devops: Developer Driven Delivery With Docker'. Thirty seconds into the talk, and it seemed as if everyone had just been injected with a double shot of espresso! Avi started the talk with an introduction to the general practices we follow, with a side by side recollection of things from his past experiences at Microsoft which formed the foundation of the current processes at Shippable. Moving through how we started leveraging Docker during the company's nascent stages to our escapades of building the products and finally reaching a  mature stage of deploying to production multiple times a day, the audience certainly accepted that the utopia every developer dreams of, is in fact an attainable reality. The moment the talk got over, an enthusiastic sizeable crowd formed around him, and he had to field a lot of question related to the presentation! In fact, we had a flurry of tweets from people who were impressed by the talk and people posting selfies with Avi! 

The second day saw the same amount of attendees (albeit a little tired from the previous day!) at the conference with a lot of talks dedicated to Docker containers. It was a great experience for everyone and we got to meet a lot of cool people as well as learn quite a few things about how everyone else builds products.

Shippable hopes to return to DevOpsDays '16 with a much larger team! Hope to see you there too! 


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