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Welcome to this week's edition of the news, blog posts and articles about continuous integration / deployment and software development in general that we found interesting!

  • eBay engineering describes the evolution of eBay's CI system. eBay started off with an individual CI/Jenkins Master setup for each dev.  eBay used a dedicated VM for each developer (each Jenkins instance had a dedicated VM). This got inefficient pretty fast resulting in underutilized VMs as well as too many VMs in general. Read about eBay's CI solution and how they arrived at it.

[VIDEO] Shippable.yml - simple, but powerful

Video - Get started with Shippable's blazing fast #CI/#CD

Weekly roundup of news&views about CI/CD/development

It is time for our second weekly roundup of all the interesting things the Shippable Marketing team came across this week.

Simplifying continuous integration - the StockTwits case study

We've been talking to developers and customers, including StockTwits, about their processes and needs around shipping products and code faster.  Some common themes and pain points arise with most continuous integration solutions:
  • Initial set up time can be painstaking to annoyingly difficult
  • Build times don't meet expectations
  • Maintaining the solution outweighs the benefits

We created Shippable from the ground up to avoid these issues and provide the value that CI promises; a fast, scalable easy way to keep your code always shippable.