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Provision AWS EC2 Virtual Machines With Terraform

This tutorial explains how to manually provision an AWS EC2 virtual machine using Terraform. Before you start, you should be familiar with the following concepts:

The best way to get started is to install Terraform and run scripts manually on your local machine to provision a VM. Once you understand the mechanics of it, you should consider automating your workflow by following our documentation on Automated provisioning of AWS EC2 using Terraform.

Pushing your Docker image to Amazon ECR after CI

Amazon provides a hosted private registry for Docker images called EC2 Container Registry (ECR) as part of its container focused suite of services. Many of our customers seem to love the ECR and ECS (EC2 Container Service) combination to store and run their applications. Amazon ECR can be accessed by going to your AWS Management Console, selecting EC2 Container Service, and clicking on Repositories in the left sidebar. 

In this blog post, I will go through a simple scenario with a sample project where we enable a project for CI, build a docker image as part of the workflow, test the image, and then push it to Amazon ECR. In the next blog, we will then set up the rest of the Continuous Delivery pipeline for the sample application.

If you want to follow along with the step by step tutorial you can fork the sample used in this tutorial, sign in to Shippable, and set up the CI/CD workflow as described. 

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Meet the new Shippable

Today, we are proud to announce our latest Shippable release. This release is very close to our hearts for several reasons. First, it addresses almost all customer feedback that we have received over the last couple of years. Second, it achieves our goal of going beyond CI and being a true end-to-end continuous delivery platform for all applications. Third, our platform architecture sets us up to execute faster than anyone else, which means we can innovate at breakneck speed and deliver value to our customers, namely, YOU.




The new Shippable helps you ship code faster than ever before. Let’s delve deeper into what we are launching today.