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Setting up nightly builds on Shippable

Nightly builds means running an automated build for a project once a day, usually after the end of the day. It is often a good practice run automated builds every time you make some change to your codebase. These automated builds help you maintain a healthy code base.

Automated builds help in finding out a number of problems like:

  • A team member checked in something that breaks the codebase.
  • Your dependencies have changed and they break your code.
  • Your dependencies are broken.
  • Your build scripts or build machine is broken. 

Nightly builds ensures that you catch such problems within 24 hours of when they occur.

Feature roundup: Amazon ECR regions, Service status page, Github tag/release builds, and more!

Feature roundup: Hipchat integration, faster caching, code coverage badge, and much more

We hope you're enjoying using the new Shippable. Now that we're a month past the release and all customers are on the new build platform, we have started knocking off new features at breakneck speed!

Improved integration with Atlassian products

We've added support for commit status of Bitbucket pull requests so you can now view build status for your pull requests from within Bitbucket UI. We also added Hipchat notifications for CI and Pipeline workflows. More on that in a separate blog post to be published later today. 

New caching implementation

Shippable now supports folder level caching so you can cache selectively depending on your needs. The new caching implementation is fast and can save you several minutes in build times! Read more in our documentation about caching.

DevOps 2.0 is here - Announcing Shippable Formations and enhanced CI capabilities


We are excited to announce the release of significant enhancements to Shippable Continuous Integration and the introduction of a new product, Shippable Formations. Together, these two products transcend traditional DevOps and take it to the next level, to DevOps 2.0. 

DevOps 2.0 - Frictionless pipelines from code to production

A Deeper look at Shippable Formations



We have significantly updated the Shippable platform with several new features. Hence most of the content in this blog is deprecated. For the latest information, refer to our documentation and/or open a support issue, if you have questions.


We are very excited to announce the release of our new product line, Shippable Formations. Along with Shippable CI/CD, this is the first step in our journey towards enabling DevOps 2.0 - frictionless Dockerized pipelines from code to production without the need for any DevOps code or scripts.

Over the last several months, we've received a lot of feedback on our Shippable CI/CD product. One thing resonated above all - as customers start adopting Docker-based workflows and creating complex, multi-container applications, they were looking for something beyond CI/CD. Most of them were creating these workflows themselves, and this was taking valuable time away from what they really wanted to do, namely work on their product. 

As early adopters of Docker, we had created many internal workflows and processes that helped us ship faster. Shippable Formations is the productized version of all that we've learnt from shipping to production 5x-20x a day.