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Shippable now supports BitBucket!

As we promised at our launch, the Shippable engineering team has been working crazy hours to add new features. 

Many of the features we add are by user request.  If you would like to suggest a feature or enhancement, head on over to Shippable support and file an issue.

Shippable started off being tightly integrated with Github - as it was the cloud repository of choice, especially for open source projects. When it comes to private repos however, BitBucket has become a popular alternative to Github.

So one very common user request we received at Shippable was - to add support for BitBucket. And when our users speak, the Shippable team listens....

We are happy to announce that Shippable now supports BitBucket

GitHub Webhooks – now easier to configure, track and debug

GitHub announces new and improved ways to configure, customize, and debug webhooks.

A webhook is basically the way a GitHub repository "talks" to a web server whenever the repository is pushed to.

As the webhook guide explains - These “webhooks” can be used to update an external issue tracker, trigger CI builds, update a backup mirror, or even deploy to your production server.

Webhooks can now be configured directly as part of the repository settings (no API needed!).  And webhooks are now easier to debug and even re-send. Webhooks are already one of the most widely adapted GitHub integrations and now that they are even simpler to use, will surely continue to be so!