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Get started with CI for Gitlab repos

GitLab is a fast-growing choice for enterprises managing their application code and team collaboration both on-premises and in the cloud. Today we are excited to announce Shippable support for application delivery pipelines for GitLab developers.



Shippable now extends GitLab's combination of Git-based source code repositories and enterprise features such as authentication and security with CI/CD pipelines. Shippable connects with GitLab self-hosted community and enterprise editions as well as their cloud offering so we work the way you want to. 

"We're excited that Shippable now integrates with GitLab. With Shippable anyone using GitLab can now easily deploy their code, independent of their stack and cloud environment." says Job van der Voort VP of Product at GitLab. "Like GitLab, Shippable works with established technologies, as well as with containers, making this an excellent solution for organizations of any size to bring their code from their repositories in GitLab to production."

Our new Shippable integration for GitLab supports running builds for your push commits, merge requests and even show the build status in GitLab, so you can enjoy the power of Shippable within GitLab. To know more about how to setup Shippable CI with GitLab, read on.