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Using a makefile with your Go project

By default, Shippable detects your project type, and uses the language’s standard means of installing dependencies and building your project. In Go for example, dependencies are typically obtained via the ‘go get’ command, and the project is built with the ‘go build’ command. Specifically, we use this command for your go projects.


shippable_retry go get -d -v ./... && go build -v ./...

Using the Heroku Toolbelt in your Shippable Minions

In this recipe, we'll cover a frequently asked question:  how do I setup the Heroku Toolbelt to work with Shippable Minions?

Using Custom Ruby Environments in your Shippable Minions

One of the most powerful aspects of your Shippable Minions is the ability to fully customize each build environment, right down to a very specific ruby version.  All ruby environments come pre-configured to use the  Ruby Version Manager  (RVM) .

Continuous Delivery using Shippable and Amazon Elastic Beanstalk (Java+MySQL edition)


We have significantly updated the Shippable platform with several new features. Hence most of the content in this blog is deprecated. Given below are updated blogs for the series - How to deploy to Elastic Beanstalk

  1. Part 1 covers source code deployment to AWS Elastic Beanstalk using a Node.JS app
  2. Part 2 covers deploying a Docker container to AWS Elastic Beanstalk using a Node.JS app

For the latest information, refer to our documentation and/or open a support issue, if you have questions.

Try Shippable

This recipe will introduce continuous delivery using Shippable and Amazon's Elastic Beanstalk platform-as-a-service.

While you don't need to be an expert to use this guide, you will need to have:
  • A GitHub account, and working knowledge of git source control
  • Experience with a java programming environment
  • Experience with MySQL databases
  • Local installations of Java7, Maven and MySQL
  • Account permissions and keys for deploying to Elastic Beanstalk 

Weekly Roundup - Gluecon, MongoDB, NodeJS, CI, CD, RedHat, Devops, Oh my!

Well, well, well this week has been all about GlueCon 2014! In case you missed our CEO's talk about gaming AWS, don't worry, we will have a recap for you soon.