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Shippable Launches Industrialized Continuous Deployment Platform

SEATTLE, WA (Aug 25, 2016) Shippable has announced the next generation of its continuous deployment platform. The enhanced platform adds key features like release management, multi-cloud capabilities, a declarative pipeline language and a unified view across all application pipelines. These features help software-powered organizations further streamline the process of shipping software and accelerating innovation.

Today, most organizations find it challenging to innovate fast enough to satisfy consumers. DevOps is a set of principles that tries to solve this problem. However, the workflow required to get applications from source code to running in production is complicated and riddled withfragmented technology solutions. The only way to achieve rapid, iterative innovation is to cobble these fragments together in one continuous pipeline. Unfortunately, these custom, homegrown pipelines are rigid, inflexible and hard to maintain. The do-it-yourself approach is a distraction and takes valuable cycles away from product engineering.

Shippable’s integrated platform is built from the ground up to defragment and streamline the process of shipping applications, so that software-powered organizations can accelerate innovation.

Feature roundup: Amazon ECR regions, Service status page, Github tag/release builds, and more!

Top 5 Takeaways from Container Summit at Interop

Yesterday, I attended Container Summit: The Future of Containers in the Enterprise, which occurred in cooperation with the Interop conference.  Thanks to the great people at Joyent, it was a day packed with fantastic presentations and more than a few takeaways.  

My über takeaway from the day is that it's getting harder and harder to talk about containers without also talking about microservices. There were examples of containers in use for a variety of use cases, but it was their particular suitability for use with microservices that came through loud and clear.

In addition to that uber takeaway, here were my top five takeaways from the summit:

  1. Microservices are the next big tech wave
  2. Microservices create complexity
  3. Developer experience and developer velocity are key success factors
  4. There likely won't be one winner for container orchestration
  5. Running containers on bare metal isn't just for the brave

And check below for my favorite one-liner from the event :)

Feature roundup: Hipchat integration, faster caching, code coverage badge, and much more

We hope you're enjoying using the new Shippable. Now that we're a month past the release and all customers are on the new build platform, we have started knocking off new features at breakneck speed!

Improved integration with Atlassian products

We've added support for commit status of Bitbucket pull requests so you can now view build status for your pull requests from within Bitbucket UI. We also added Hipchat notifications for CI and Pipeline workflows. More on that in a separate blog post to be published later today. 

New caching implementation

Shippable now supports folder level caching so you can cache selectively depending on your needs. The new caching implementation is fast and can save you several minutes in build times! Read more in our documentation about caching.

Moving Beyond CI with Automated Pipelines

This is an exciting time for Shippable as we release the next version of our pipeline. As a SaaS company we constantly release new features and functionality, but this release marks a major update to our platform and services based on customer feedback and the "state of the art" for developers. You can read about the new features and updates in this blog post. In this post I want to take some time and explain how we have arrived at this point, and how we move towards the future of modern application delivery.