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News: Shippable Accelerates Software Development with Modern Continuous Delivery Platform

Platform automates deployment pipelines for all application architectures and eases adoption of cloud-native technologies like Docker containers and microservices

Shippable Strengthens Leadership Team with Software Industry Luminaries


Google Kubernetes cofounder and technical lead Joe Beda becomes a strategic advisor, Microsoft and VMware veteran Charles Fitzgerald joins Shippable’s Board of Directors, and developer and open source marketing expert Matt Carter joins leadership team


A Deeper look at Shippable Formations



We have significantly updated the Shippable platform with several new features. Hence most of the content in this blog is deprecated. For the latest information, refer to our documentation and/or open a support issue, if you have questions.


We are very excited to announce the release of our new product line, Shippable Formations. Along with Shippable CI/CD, this is the first step in our journey towards enabling DevOps 2.0 - frictionless Dockerized pipelines from code to production without the need for any DevOps code or scripts.

Over the last several months, we've received a lot of feedback on our Shippable CI/CD product. One thing resonated above all - as customers start adopting Docker-based workflows and creating complex, multi-container applications, they were looking for something beyond CI/CD. Most of them were creating these workflows themselves, and this was taking valuable time away from what they really wanted to do, namely work on their product. 

As early adopters of Docker, we had created many internal workflows and processes that helped us ship faster. Shippable Formations is the productized version of all that we've learnt from shipping to production 5x-20x a day.

Exciting new features at Shippable! Docker Build, Public API, Cascading Builds, External Webhooks, and more!

Our purpose at Shippable is to remove all friction in software engineering. With our newly released suite of features, we hope you'll agree that we can help you take your software development process to the next level! Over the coming weeks we will be taking you through some technical dives of each feature, but today let's start with a high level overview of each feature.

DOCKER BUILD: With Docker Build, you provide the specifications and Shippable will generate your custom image, ensure it passes all Continuous Integration steps, then store it in the Docker Hub Registry with versioning and all associated meta data. You no longer need to create, store and manage your custom images outside your CI system, so you can eliminate extra steps in your application delivery pipeline. All it takes is the simple addition of a Dockerfile to your repo and the use of your dedicated host with Shippable.

Weekly Roundup - Gluecon, MongoDB, NodeJS, CI, CD, RedHat, Devops, Oh my!

Well, well, well this week has been all about GlueCon 2014! In case you missed our CEO's talk about gaming AWS, don't worry, we will have a recap for you soon.