Have container...will ship (or why Shippable uses containers)

- By Manaswini Sawant on March 05, 2014


Recently, Shippable was listed in the top 10 startups built on docker. Of the top 10 startups listed, Shippable is the only startup using Docker to do continuous integration and deployment.

Docker of course, is the open source Linux container engine and in a future post, we will talk about why Shippable chose Docker.

Before we get to why Shippable chose Docker, we should talk about why Shippable chose to use containers in the first place. 

Containers offer many of the same features as VMs but with much less overhead.

  • Containers are lightweight and use fewer resources than typical VMs. This is because containers can share a single OS and if appropriate other resources as well.
  • Containers are very fast to add or remove (as compared to VMs). Provisioning a container takes seconds (mainly because you are deploying the container to an already-running system).

This makes using containers both more efficient and more affordable. Using containers lets Shippable offer our users dedicated build nodes. With dedicated build nodes, Shippable user builds never need to wait in community build queues. 

Just look at our name - "Ship"pable - doesn’t it make sense that we would choose to use containers?

Topics: Docker, continuous deployment (CD), containers, continuous integration (CI)