Bangalore Docker Meetup = Success!

- By Manisha Sahasrabudhe on January 22, 2014

First off, a big thank you to all of those who attended the first Docker Meetup in Bangalore this past Sunday! It is amazing to witness the growth that Docker has experienced in the past few months. We at Shippable, are thrilled to be a part of the growth, and even more excited to integrate with Docker and help streamline the development process.

Grandiose aspirations aside, the event was a total success, with over 40+ Docker fans in attendance. Attendees came equipped with questions about Docker and the Shippable team, along with the dizzying amount of open source knowledge in the room, helped people solve their issues. Questions about basic Docker frameworks and migration across clouds using Docker were answered. Some folks even gave lightening talks on a Docker-related topic of their choosing.

Questions and topics discussed included: differences between Docker and paravirtualization, use of Docker version management effectively, using lxc with Docker and application state management while scaling using Docker.

Krishan, a final year student at VNIT Nagpur, described the how Docker makes using lxc’s simple by providing an easy to use interface. His talk explained the different layers constituting the Docker stack such as: cgroups, lxc and kernel namespaces.

Another talk by Vinothini Raju, the founder and CEO of Trov IT,touched upon a very important use case of Docker: Workload Management across clouds. Her talk described how Docker is helpful for instant resource provisioning in cloud and scaling for HA.

Finally everyone relaxed in the Shippable office with some refreshments. Thank you to the Shippable Bangalore team for helping to organize the Meetup. A huge thank you to those in attendance for helping to make the first Docker Meetup in Bangalore a great success. We look forward to seeing you at the next one. If you attended, and have any comments you would like to make, please do so in the comments email Meetup sent out after the event.


Until next time,

The Shippable Team

Topics: Docker