Snap CI is shutting down its CI/CD DevOps platform

- By Manisha Sahasrabudhe on February 10, 2017

A few days ago, we woke up to the sad news that the Thoughtworks team had decided to shut down Snap CI in August. We have the greatest respect for Thoughtworks and their mission and want to convey our best wishes to the team for their next adventure. 

If you're a current Snap CI customer, Shippable is a great fit as a replacement CI/CD platform. It is completely free to try us out and we are happy to offer help with migrating your CI configuration to Shippable. Please contact for more information.

How Shippable compares to other CI/CD providers

Please read CI/CD and DevOps expert Yegor Bugayengo's blog ranking of CI providers where he ranks Shippable as the top platform. Shippable is also ranked first among all hosted CI providers on

While these rankings focus on CI, Shippable also provides value beyond CI by offering a complete platform for DevOps workflows, including deploying a versioned package into a series of environments, release management, approval workflows, etc.

How Shippable compares to Snap CI

Here is a brief look at how the Shippable and Snap CI compare. You can also read a comparison on Slant. 


Snap CI


  Platform   Hosted CI/CD in the cloud   Hosted and On premises, CI/CD and DevOps pipelines
  Config   UI based   YAML file
  Source Control Providers    GitHub   GitHub, Bitbucket, GitHub Enterprise, Bitbucket Server, GitLab
  Artifact repositories   Docker Hub   Docker Hub, JFrog Artifactory, Amazon ECR, GCR, Quay, Docker Trusted Registry
  Container Services   None   Amazon ECS, GKE, Self hosted Kubernetes, Docker Cloud/Datacenter, Joyent Triton 
  Deployments  Heroku, AWS  AWS EC2/Beanstalk/Opsworks, Heroku, Node clusters on any cloud
  DevOps pipelines from source control to prod   No   Yes
  Release Management   No   Yes



Shippable is completely free for open source repositories and for 150 builds/mo for private repositories. Even for organizations needing more concurrent builds, we're the most affordable service out there.

For more details on pricing, check out our pricing page

Let us know if you have any questions or need help getting started.  

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