Shippable 6.4.4 is live!

- By Manisha Sahasrabudhe on May 01, 2018

A common complaint from our SaaS customers is that we're so busy building new features, we don't always do a great job letting them know what's new. It's like thousands of trees falling in the forest.... you hear them fall, but you don't know which ones and how many until someone tells you or you spend time scanning the forest and discovering it yourself.

We agree that the latter is a terrible scenario, so we're going to do a better job keeping everyone informed moving forward. Watch for our weekly release notes blog recapping everything that was launched in the previous week!

This week, we launched release 6.4.4. You can find the release notes here: 6.4.4 Release Notes.

Read on to discover some of the more interesting features released today.


Receive failure logs in email notifications

Email notifications for both CI and Assembly Lines can be configured to include log output of failing commands with the sendFailingSnippet option. To enable this, check out the following docs:

This will configure your email notifications to include failing commands and the last hundred lines of output for those commands. 


Health check for BYON(Custom) Nodes 

In the past, if a BYON node was unresponsive for any reason, jobs continued being queued for that node, leading to "hung" jobs which needed to be canceled and rerun.

With the latest release, we have added health checks for BYON nodes, with a time interval of 15 mins. If a node has not sent updated statistics for 15 minutes (configurable in Shippable Server installations), the node status will be updated to failed and jobs will not be queued for that node. Any jobs already in the queue will be sent to other healthy nodes. 

This ensures that there is only a small 15 min window before we automatically discover that a node is unresponsive.


SPOG enhancements

We've launched several new "Single Pane of Glass" SPOG features that help with usability and in identifying bottlenecks in your workflows.


(a) Identify 'stale' jobs 

If your jobs are configured to be triggered manually, i.e. all their IN resources and jobs include a switch: off statement, you can now visually identify if your job is "stale". This means that newer versions of your IN resources or jobs are available since you last ran the job. Stale jobs are shown with a dark grey border:


(b) Wrap long job names 

If your job name is too long and the height of the job rectangle allows it, we will wrap the job names over several lines. The height of the job rectangle is still the limiting factor here, and we're investigating if it's worth letting job names dictate the height of the rectangle.


(c) SPOG search

 You can now search for a particular job or resource name in SPOG by clicking on the search icon at the top right. The matching resource or job will be highlighted and centered in your SPOG. 

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 3.17.14 PM


(d) Modern SPOG

Some of you might have noticed the Modern SPOG option in the View menu of your Subscription. This will show your workflows in a much more compact manner, reducing whitespace and crossing connectors.

For example, look at the contrast below for exactly the same workflows:

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 3.27.17 PM


Keep up-to-date with weekly release notes

We publish release notes on a weekly basis here: Shippable Release Notes. We will also publish a similar blog for each release to recap some of the more interesting features.

Happy Shipping!

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