Shippable Launches Industrialized Continuous Deployment Platform

- By Manisha Sahasrabudhe on August 25, 2016

SEATTLE, WA (Aug 25, 2016) Shippable has announced the next generation of its continuous deployment platform. The enhanced platform adds key features like release management, multi-cloud capabilities, a declarative pipeline language and a unified view across all application pipelines. These features help software-powered organizations further streamline the process of shipping software and accelerating innovation.

Today, most organizations find it challenging to innovate fast enough to satisfy consumers. DevOps is a set of principles that tries to solve this problem. However, the workflow required to get applications from source code to running in production is complicated and riddled withfragmented technology solutions. The only way to achieve rapid, iterative innovation is to cobble these fragments together in one continuous pipeline. Unfortunately, these custom, homegrown pipelines are rigid, inflexible and hard to maintain. The do-it-yourself approach is a distraction and takes valuable cycles away from product engineering.

Shippable’s integrated platform is built from the ground up to defragment and streamline the process of shipping applications, so that software-powered organizations can accelerate innovation.


The heterogeneous platform integrates with all popular tools and cloud infrastructures, as well as cutting-edge technologies like Docker, AWS Elastic Container Service, Google Kubernetes, Microsoft Azure Container Service, Joyent Triton and Apache Mesos DC/OS. As a result, organizations can evolve fearlessly and adopt modern technology while continuing to leverage their existing investments. In addition, since Shippable supports traditional and cloud-native applications, organizations can mature from L1 to L4 across their entire application portfolio at their own pace.

Some of the key features in the new platform include:

Application release automation: Semantic versioning of applications is built-in with complete control over deployment of versions to dev vs. test vs. prod environments. Deployments can be automatic or with an approval gate.

Declarative pipeline language: The entire process of shipping software is expressed in a declarative yml configuration. This alleviates the need for imperative scripts that are fragile, error prone and hard to maintain. This language abstracts non-standardized vendor APIs into a common, human-readable configuration, making complex workflows easy to create.

Multi-cloud deployments: Leveraging declarative pipelines, the same application can be deployed into a multi-cloud or a hybrid topology with a few lines of yml configuration. This makes it very easy to implement disaster recovery across multiple clouds. Teams can also develop and test in the cloud while running their production environment on-premises without maintaining multiple deployment pipelines.

Single pane of glass: The flow of shipping software from code to production can be visualized in an unified interactive view across one or many applications in the organization. This view is updated in real-time and errors or bottlenecks in the workflow can be quickly identified and rectified.

“We've been using Shippable for over a year and it ‘just works,’ no matter how complex our test framework gets!” says Shamasis Bhattacharya, VP Engineering at Postman. “It has ensured that we never ever ship out a bad piece of code.”

“We’ve used Shippable to ship Shippable the past couple of years. Initially, we added features mainly for ourselves. In the last year, as our customer base grew tremendously and as containers gained mainstream acceptance, our roadmap became customer driven and this has helped us make the platform generic. We run over three million deployment workflows a year for our customers and I think that by itself speaks for the battle readiness, resilience and scale of the platform,” says Avi Cavale, co-founder and CEO at Shippable. “With this new release, customers can leverage our declarative language, easily compose fungible pipelines, and start the process of rapid innovation in a matter of hours.”

Availability and Pricing

Shippable Hosted is a freemium SaaS offering. The free plan includes unlimited builds for open source projects and 150 builds a month for private projects. Paid plans get unlimited builds for all repositories and start at $25 for each parallel build.

Shippable Server is currently in private beta.

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