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Configuring a unit test to check for errors on the Node.js application

In the previous tutorial, I ran a basic Continuous Integration (CI) on a Node.js application. As the next logical step, I'll configure a simple unit test to check for errors in my code. As per the guidelines of CI, my expectation is that for every code commit or pull request, this unit test runs automatically and immediately checks for errors. In this tutorial I will set up a unit test, configure the shippable.yml, and verify the unit test to complete a successful CI.

Meet the new Shippable

Today, we are proud to announce our latest Shippable release. This release is very close to our hearts for several reasons. First, it addresses almost all customer feedback that we have received over the last couple of years. Second, it achieves our goal of going beyond CI and being a true end-to-end continuous delivery platform for all applications. Third, our platform architecture sets us up to execute faster than anyone else, which means we can innovate at breakneck speed and deliver value to our customers, namely, YOU.




The new Shippable helps you ship code faster than ever before. Let’s delve deeper into what we are launching today.

How to use Shippable CI with GitHub Enterprise

Many enterprises are looking to combine the benefit of Git-based repos with company requirements of on-prem code hosting. Today's GitHub  announcements of a number of new enhancements to GitHub Enterprise are a great step forward for enterprise-grade repos in an on-prem world. Shippable supports GitHub as both a service as well as the on-premise GitHub Enterprise. Here are instructions to connect Shippable to GitHub Enterprise.

End-to-end CI/CD pipelines for Docker Hub 2.0


We have significantly updated the Shippable platform with several new features. We fully support CI/CD pipelines for Docker Hub 2.0. Here are few related topics in our documentation.

- Configuring Docker Hub integration for CI/CD

- Tutorial with different scenarios using Docker Hub

Please let us know if you have questions.

Try Shippable

Here at Shippable, we're incredibly excited about the launch of Docker Hub 2.0!  It's no secret that Shippable is a big believer in Docker. Behind the scenes, we've been running Shippable on Docker containers for more than two years now, currently running more than one million Docker containers per week in production.

What may be news, though, is how easily Shippable enables you to incorporate Docker Hub into your software delivery pipeline. And with Docker Hub 2.0, our customers see faster push and pull performance, reducing the cycle time on CI/CD build times and Formations deployment times.

 For an in-depth description and tutorial, check out the white paper "Building a Cloud-based CI/CD Pipeline with Docker, Shippable & GitHub":