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Shippable Partners with Arm and Packet to Deliver Native CI/CD For Arm Development

We are excited to announce native support for hosted CI/CD on Armv8-A architecture! This launch is a result of a close partnership with Arm and Packet to give Arm developers quick and easy access to native test infrastructure, enabling them to significantly improve productivity and reliability with fast builds and identification of bugs earlier in the development process.

In the absence of readily available CI/CD services that natively supports Arm, developers relied on emulators while building and validating their code, which does not always detect architecture specific artifacts being introduced in their codebases. As the adoption of the Armv8-A architecture continues to grow, it is critical for organizations to have easy access to a CI/CD platform that natively supports Arm and doesn’t require resources and effort to set up and manage. Today's announcement addresses this need with a solution that offers hosted build and test infrastructure with no installation or management overhead.

This announcement would not have been possible without tremendous contributions from Packet and Arm. The Armv8-a machines are hosted on Packet's cloud and the Arm team has been key in driving this effort to fruition. Read the entire text of the announcement here

Shippable 6.5.1 Is Live: Satisfy Your Need For Speed!

We are excited to announce the launch of Shippable 6.5.1.You can find the release notes here: 6.5.1 Release Notes.

This release is geared towards making your CI and CD processes much faster and more efficient. Read on to discover some of the major features released today, including node caching that lets you cache docker images and everything else on the node, faster nodes with more memory, and the ability to rerun only failed jobs in a build matrix. 

Java CI: Build and Push a WAR Application to Nexus

This tutorial explains how to build and push a Java-based web application to a Nexus Repository using Maven. We are using a Java demo application that has basic CI tests.

These are the following concepts you need to be familiar with to proceed further:

Build a Docker Image and Push It To Docker Hub

This tutorial explains how to manually build and push an image to Docker Hub. As an example, we will build a Docker image for a simple Node.js application that has basic CI tests as well as code coverage reports. The Dockerfile is a part of the application repository on Github.

Shippable 6.4.4 is live!

A common complaint from our SaaS customers is that we're so busy building new features, we don't always do a great job letting them know what's new. It's like thousands of trees falling in the forest.... you hear them fall, but you don't know which ones and how many until someone tells you or you spend time scanning the forest and discovering it yourself.

We agree that the latter is a terrible scenario, so we're going to do a better job keeping everyone informed moving forward. Watch for our weekly release notes blog recapping everything that was launched in the previous week!

This week, we launched release 6.4.4. You can find the release notes here: 6.4.4 Release Notes.

Read on to discover some of the more interesting features released today.