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Setting up nightly builds on Shippable

Nightly builds means running an automated build for a project once a day, usually after the end of the day. It is often a good practice run automated builds every time you make some change to your codebase. These automated builds help you maintain a healthy code base.

Automated builds help in finding out a number of problems like:

  • A team member checked in something that breaks the codebase.
  • Your dependencies have changed and they break your code.
  • Your dependencies are broken.
  • Your build scripts or build machine is broken. 

Nightly builds ensures that you catch such problems within 24 hours of when they occur.

Triggering a sequential, parameterized build after continuous integration

We are happy to announce the addition of sequential parameterized builds to our feature list. Using this feature, you can trigger a sequence of CI workflows for your projects and even pass parameters from one build to another!

You will want to do this in 2 situations:

  • You have build dependencies, and if one codebase changes, you want to trigger builds for all dependent codebases. A great example of this is that you have a base Docker image foo/appBase for your application and all services have a FROM foo/appBase:latest in their Dockerfiles. With this new feature, you can easily trigger builds for all your services if the base image appBase changes.
  • You have codebases that need to be triggered sequentially since each build produces parameters required by the next build in the sequence.

Let's look at a more detailed example of how this will work in practice.

Feature roundup: Amazon ECR regions, Service status page, Github tag/release builds, and more!

Moving Beyond CI with Automated Pipelines

This is an exciting time for Shippable as we release the next version of our pipeline. As a SaaS company we constantly release new features and functionality, but this release marks a major update to our platform and services based on customer feedback and the "state of the art" for developers. You can read about the new features and updates in this blog post. In this post I want to take some time and explain how we have arrived at this point, and how we move towards the future of modern application delivery.

Meet the new Shippable

Today, we are proud to announce our latest Shippable release. This release is very close to our hearts for several reasons. First, it addresses almost all customer feedback that we have received over the last couple of years. Second, it achieves our goal of going beyond CI and being a true end-to-end continuous delivery platform for all applications. Third, our platform architecture sets us up to execute faster than anyone else, which means we can innovate at breakneck speed and deliver value to our customers, namely, YOU.




The new Shippable helps you ship code faster than ever before. Let’s delve deeper into what we are launching today.