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Shippable Employee Spotlight: David Grimes



This month, we spoke with David Grimes for our Employee Spotlight series. David is a computer science graduate from Eastern Washington University and has been with Shippable since January 2015. On his personal website, David says he chose a career as a software engineer to challenge himself by solving problems in a creative yet efficient fashion. Read on further to get to know more about David. 

Customer Spotlight - Meet Matthias Sieber



As part of our Customer Spotlight series, this month, we spoke with Shippable user Matthias Sieber, Chief Technology Officer, at SupplyHub, a B2B marketplace for commercial and industrial wholesalers. 

Do you use Shippable for personal repositories or for work?

I use Shippable for work. I tested the Startup plan first for my own Startup and then introduced Shippable to SupplyHub, where I recently got promoted to the position of CTO. 

If you use Shippable for work, what does your company do?

SupplyHub is a social B2B marketplace that brings efficiency and convenience to the industrial and commercial wholesale community by connecting distributors, manufacturers, and buyers online. 

Shippable Employee Spotlight: Ragesh Krishna


Each month, we feature a Shippable employee or customer on our blog. This month, we shine the spotlight on Ragesh Krishna, one of Shippable's early employees who heads our Bangalore office as VP engineering. You can reach out to Ragesh on Twitter or LinkedIn

ragesh_k1. When did you join Shippable and what's your role at the company?

I was here from the very beginning. In fact, even before the company was called Shippable! I'm currently VP of Engineering and I work out of the Bangalore office.

2. What do you think has been the most dramatic change in the tech industry over the past year?

Containers went from being a curiosity to a "must have". People argue that the technology behind it isn't new at all and has existed in one form or another from the days of Solaris. They're absolutely right, but it was never really as accessible as it is today and that makes a big difference.

Shippable service update


Over the last couple of days, our service has not been as stable as expected and I want to sincerely apologize for this. I understand that Shippable is very critical for your CI/CD workflow and any service interruption is extremely frustrating.


We have fixed the problem now, our service stability has improved tremendously, and we will take every precaution to make sure it does not happen again in future. 

In the interest of full transparency, here is what happened.

Since July 2014, we at Shippable made a decision to move toward a micro services based architecture. To live the world of continuous delivery, we made small incremental changes to almost all pieces of our architecture. 

Customer Spotlight - Meet Howard Dierking

howarddierking300x300As part of our monthly Spotlight series, this month we spoke with Shippable user Howard Dierking, Senior Manager Software Development at Concur.

In his LinkedIn profile, Howard writes - I love learning something new, love challenging the status quo (as well as having my status quo challenged), and love sharing what I've learned with other people, especially when the culmination of it all is shipping a great product. Read on to find out more about Howard. 

Do you use Shippable for personal repositories or for work?
I use Shippable for work. We have an ever-growing list of repositories that we’re connecting up to use Shippable, largely because of how easy it is to connect Shippable to our private GitHub repositories.

If you use Shippable for work, what does your company do?
We build software and services that help business manage their travel and expense policies and workflows.